Bombing brown people.

On one hand I’m quite proud that the UK has the balls to basically say “We’re going in regardless” and to actually go and bomb Syria for using chemical weapons. On the other hand I don’t think we should get involved. So Assad killed a thousand people with Sarin, is that worse than the forty odd thousand he killed last year with high explosive and bullets? I don’t see it.

Are we going to take military action simply because of his choice of killing method? And what do we expect to achieve? Fewer civilian deaths? He’ll go on killing them with conventional weapons at best and at worst he’ll carry on using chemical weapons, tens of thousands more civilians will die before this is over.

It just seems a bit daft to me to risk all the negative consequences of military action for no real gain. It seems, to me, to be making the statement that the weapon used is more important than the people killed, which is a bizarre way of looking at it. It feels like the UK has been chomping at the bit to get involved in Syria and now we have our excuse. We think we can pull off another Libya but Syria is a very different situation from Libya, in fact I actually want Assad to win, not because I think he’s anything other than repugnant, but because he’s less repugnant than quite a lot of the rebels. I think the UK needs to be a lot more Realpolitik than it has been. 



wa wa wa

And finally my mind shuts up. I close my eyes and there is silence; just the sensation of breathing. Calm. Peace. Focus. 


Listening to VNV Nation. Not a good sign. Although I am listening to Saviour which is rather upbeat. And Arclight. 


So tonight I have tried Caol Ila 12 year and Balvenie 12 year both of which I liked. Balvenie is something else though. My cousin told me about it a couple of weeks back and I’ve been eager to try it ever since. So tonight I had a single of it, I checked the strength and it was 40% so I didn’t add any water or ice, I just drank it as it came and it did actually taste of toffee. Caol Ila, urm, I really liked and I want a bottle of, my problem with it, if you can call it a problem, is that it reminded me of Jonnie Walker. This will be of no surprise to whisky lovers in that Caol Ila and Talisker are the basis of many blended whiskies, so although I loved it it was a familiar taste to me.

I’m now relaxing with a finger and a cube of Talisker. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve come to realise that Talisker basically assaults you when you drink it. It’s almost Glaswegian in that it kinda grabs you and head butts you as a friendly greeting. I still love it though.


Bllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Feel like shit. I’m listening to grunge and Deftones, this is what I listen to when I’m feeling like telling the world to fuck off. 

Quite surprisingly clothes are now an important part of my life. For perspective from 17 to 29 I wore nothing but black. Now I find myself dribbling over catalogues although I seem to have settled on one company in London who just make amazingly good stuff for very good prices vis Charles Tyrwhitt. Suits. I actually really love suits.

Now I should say that there are suits and there are suits. There are those nasty, shapeless, off the peg things that people ware to work and end up looking like lost school boys in. I should say that here virtually every senior school uniform includes a blazer with a dark pair of trousers, kinda looks suit like, so said suit wearers look like that. Then there are suits which make you look like the dogs bollocks. I’m eyeing up a suit at the moment.

The other day I had occasion to wear a suit and I was at the station with the other besuited personages that reside around here. It was a sorry sight. “You’ll grow into it” were the words that came to mind. Some were clearly under the impression that they were gorillas judging by how long they thought their arms were. 

Charcoal and black are two colours that a suit should never be. Never. Again they look like a school uniform and they lack personality and as I see things clothes are all about personality. There’s a difference between wearing something and rocking it and charcoal and black suits….very hard to rock them. I mean yeah black suits have the whole reservoir dogs look to them,  but you have to be rocking them with a reservoir dogs attitude and most guys just can’t do it and you can’t do it with a baggy ass work suit. Just can’t. You just end up looking like some totally defeated, sorry ass person, which you’re not telling me helps with your job. Dress sloppy, think sloppy, sit sloppy. Fucking, just are sloppy.

Off on a tangent, I think Mason Moore is my new favourite pornstar. Gianna Michaels used to be until she effectively retired, a sad day for all humanity. See if you’re bimbling around and Mason Moore appears before you, y’all better be looking godlike and a decent suit, or decent clothes gives you edge to go “pft” or “tss” and turn away like she’s the biggest joke you’ve ever seen and not worth your time, when she tries shit testing you. This is remarkably effective. About four seconds later you get this tap on the shoulder and I’m like “Now what?” 

Okay this is shifting into mania,

Western spirituality

It’s curious that us westerners look to other cultures for spiritual guidance and that we regard western culture as being spiritually bankrupt when we have the most extensive body of literature and philosophy of any culture. Take Stoicism: all the insights of Buddhism, no wishy washy bullshit. If you want insights into the human condition then there is three thousand years of literature exploring it from every possible angle and a philosophical tradition richer than any other on Earth, 



I’m not quite sure how to express what’s on my mind. I’ll talk around it and see what comes to mind. So today has been fairly productive; I was up early, went into town, raided the book shop with my voucher thing and got One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus. I’ve nearly finished the former and I’m contemplating starting the later. Other than that I found a pretty good retro gaming shop. 

I suppose I’m missing Sara. I always miss Sara probably more than I miss even Dakota. She’s the only person that talks as fast as me and one of only two people that invariably understands me no matter how fast I talk. Conversations that would take other people ten minutes take us about three. So that’s sort of one side of things.

The other is this kind of mild confusion over women. I find that I can’t go in certain places with certain female friends because certain female friends report getting scowled at by female members of staff. For instance there is a restaurant I quite like that Sara won’t go in because a couple of the waitresses give her evils apparently. I don’t see any of this and would be totally oblivious to it but for the complaints I get off her and other friends.

So today I was out with another friend and we bumped into a waitress from a place I eat in fairly often and I got a hello and a smile and my friend got a frosty look. I’m wondering if this is another place going on the banned list. I find the whole thing bizarre. 





Talisker is bloody good too though, After Glenfiddich I can really appreciate the pepper notes in it, I’m impressed at how a ten year talisker holds it’s own with an 18 year Glenfiddich.