Public sector tax.

I am just…………I have friends who are teacher, nurses, people who work in the public sector and tonight I think I pissed off many of them by pointing out that none of them pay tax and none of them have paid for their university education. To me this is really simple: how can you be paid by government and pay taxes? Oh sure there is a fiction that taxes are paid by public sector workers, they get a pay slip at the end of the month that gives them a fictional number, but what happens to that money? It goes back in their pay pot. This months tax is nexts months take home pay. 

If government keeps trying to pay people out of that pay pot, guess what happens. Yeah it runs out of money and fast, it needs more money put into it. The money can’t come from the public sector because their money comes from government and government at this point is broke, government has no money of it’s own. So it comes from where? The private sector. So the net contribution to government running costs from government workers is in minus figures. Government is a net drain on the economy, contrary to what the leftists and the Keynesians claim. 

It’s amazing how many people I know honestly though they were paying tax and contributing to society, which they are, but purely in terms of labour provided, not in financial terms.