The racism of anti-racism.

It’s stuff like this that worries me. Fortunately there’s four thousand miles of water between us and most of this nonsense. The reason it worries me is basically down in the comments section; that’s what I think of as fertile soil for genocide. 


“I have to everyday wake up and acknowledge that I am so deeply imbedded with racist thoughts and notions and actions in my body that I have to choose everyday to do anti-racist work and think in an anti-racist way.”


“I came to higher ed to study. What is this problem that I’m scared of? I don’t know what to do. My principal is scared of this. Where do I point? Who’s at fault? My white body is at fault,” she said. “My racial identity, as a white person who believes that I am somehow better or more deserving, is the problem. The white supremacy, the structure is the problem.” 


Radersma is a racist, and she thinks that she is a racist because something about the pigmentation of her skin makes her a racist. She is, in her opinion, physically, biologically, racially, a racist. I’m sure there must be something in DSM-V which covers this kind of thing.I’m pretty sure that if I went to my next consultation and stated that I had an obsession like that which forced me to constantly monitor and hate myself that there would be serious discussions about medication.

I think she really is really racist and I think that she is really racist because she spends so much time and effort on not being racist. Consider a thought experiment: What would happen if you spent all day thinking about not eating. Imagine you sat there thinking “I must not eat cake” “I must not eat chips” “I must not eat crisps” you basically spent all day thinking about food. How mad would you drive yourself, how much would you start to crave the food and long to rebel against yourself and stuff you face until you died of cake poisoning? Right. It’s an old story, isn’t it? The person who sets out to rid the world of something ends up becoming the thing that they hate.The antiracists have fought so hard against racism that they are now the most racist people in society.

If we all spent all our time beating ourselves up, destroying our self-esteem and celebrating self hatred there would come a day where we would snap and it would feel so good doing all the things we denied ourselves, our self-esteem would rocket we and we would feel god-like and liberated.


“My partner, who is a man, can’t tell you about feminism. He knows a lot about it. He considers himself a feminist, but you want to learn feminism from him? No,” she commented during the session. “You need to learn feminism from a woman. You need to learn what it is like to be a woman from a woman. He can’t teach that. I can’t teach students of color nearly as well as a person of color [sic] can.”


If that’s not a direct statement that students of colour need to be segregated I don’t know what is. Of course, it must also be true that white students must need exclusively white teachers if they’re to get the most out of the education system. So already this anti-racist is tacitly espousing racial segregation. Presumably this is because white students are biologically different from black students just as she is, by her own admission, biologically different from black people because of her racist white body. The only concept we’re lacking here to make this full blown white supremacy is a sense of superiority, but if we follow her logic and separate people how long with a sense of superiority take to creep in? Incidentally I doubt that I, as a man, could learn from a woman; there’s no way a woman could teach me as well as a man could.


“It’s that savior mentality, like ‘save them, because they are not like us,’ and that normalization of whiteness.” 



“That experience, and the fact that her boss did not know how to tackle the problem, led her to leave the classroom and work toward her Ph. D. Radersma told the group she realized the problem was the institutionalized racist structure of education and her white privilege was causing the racial achievement gap.”



Isn’t it a good job that black students have Radersma and teachers like her to save them from oppression? People who will scourge and flagellate themselves, mortify their evil white flesh and take on the sins of white people in order to save the oppressed. Maybe it’s me but, Jesus Christ, everything she says screams of this savior mentality she supposedly looks down on, and this kind of need for redemption to me. She realises that she is the problem and she goes off to learn how to be the solution. You could call it a personal crusade. 


“Radersma agreed and said the family that was helped likely felt discriminated against.” 

Thank the Lord we have Radersma to pontificate and pronounce on how an Indian family felt, right after making it quite clear that she as a white person would have no clue on the lived experiences of people of other races. It’s not like, you know, asking a selection of Indian families might give you an idea of how they felt, no you need to be studying for a Ph.D in critical whiteness studies to know that an Indian family would feel discriminated against by someone helping them.  Not to mention the obvious that feelings are not reality. 

The flipside of this is the people who refuse to engage in self flagellation and the other mortifications of the psyche in the holy cause. If you want to reinforce someone’s identity, attack them. We know that wars have a profound tendency to create nations because when you put a group of people under attack they will find things in common, and if they can’t find things in common they will invent things to have in common, and these commonalities will last far longer than the war will. How do you create a management team that is more cohesive, you send them off to do something unpleasant for a weekend as a “team building” exercise, if you want to create unit cohesion in the army you take a bunch of recruits and put them through hell. We’ve seen that strategic bombing never breaks the morale of the people being bombed, instead it increases it because everyone in the bombed populace pulls together, individual needs are put aside to fight the common threat. 

The upshot of this is that if you want to create a white identity then hammer away at white people, because people who are hammered will become more entrenched in their identity, and while they’re sitting there in that trench they’ll be growing closer and closer and a mythology and ideology of why they’re in that trench getting attacked will form. Now, true, some of these people will put up their hands and surrender, but most of them will be fixing bayonets and getting ready to come storming out of their now extremely secure ideological redoubt fully confident of their own superiority, and with an axe to grind. 

So what have we got here? We’ve got a confessed racist and borderline segregationist who is representative of an ideology which inadvertently is working to create and reinforce a distinct sense of a homogenous white identity and a reactionary group who are becoming conscious for the first time that they are now apparently part of this homogenous group called “white people” and that as a white person they can expect to be constantly demonised just because of their biology. 

Does anyone else think this is a rather volatile mixture?


You know, I’m really not sure this isn’t all a poe. You know satire so realistic that you think it is real. The social justice types are getting so ridiculous that it’s actually getting almost impossible to satirise them. 


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