I’d be more inclined to believe paranormal documentaries if it wasn’t for the fact that they have to play creepy music and try and scare people. I really shouldn’t watch them before going to sleep, but then again I don’t feel any fear in my nightmares. In fact any demons in my dreams generally find themselves being chased rather than doing the chasing. I suspect this is because my general response to fear is to do this kind of emotional purging and totally shut down emotionally combined with my natural inclination to go on the offensive. My mind is an extraordinarily violent place.

 I was knocked to the ground in a dream by a tentacled man thing, and as I rolled back up I drew a sword and cut horizontally across it’s belly and then woke up, kneeling on my bed, delivering a kiai that probably woke up half the street, as I was bringing my now imaginary sword around my head and into a final cut at the carotid artery. I paused for a second and then shook the blood from the sword with o-chiburi, then completed the movement by putting the sword back in the saya and kneeling back down in seiza thus maintaining zanshin, as one is trained to do. It’s quite frequent in my dreams that when I find myself attacked in dreams I find myself armed, it’s rare that I have to resort to the unpleasantness of unarmed methods to dispatch things.

One thing that strikes me about this is that really it’s about sleep paralysis, and all of the religious explanations don’t even attempt to account for the fact that demons apparently can only attack you during REM sleep. Right, I’m off to bed.


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