*le sigh*

I seem to have generalised stripper crush this week. This started last friday even though last friday involved precisely zero strippers. It’s all that blonde hair…………and sexual boredom. I think I’m craving excitement, but this isn’t news. I want someone female, slim, blonde, tanned 5’9ish in heels preferably, crawling towards me on all fours while scantily clad with a sultry look on her face and no understanding of the word “no” or even the concept of “no”. While this is happening I want a glass of something interesting like Ardbeg, Balvenie, maybe Talisker or a G&T. Or a martini perhaps. 

This sounds like a male fantasy, which it is, but the fact remains that also it is a situation where the male has no power what-so-ever unless he’s willing to give up on the fantasy. I suppose that’s actually part of the excitement of the fantasy, if you weren’t losing control and falling into her power it wouldn’t be all that interesting a fantasy; it’d be like going to see a lion tamer and a tabby cat is brought out in a cage.


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