British Privilege.

So I watched this and I’ve come up with the concept of “British privilege”. It produces all kinds of unearned privileges from being able to seduce really hot American women just by asking for directions, to the sort of natural cynicism, anti-authoritarianism and culturally imbued need to ridicule, usually with deadpan irony which often leads those without “British privilege” to believe that a compliment has been rendered or that the speaker is entirely serious leaving the underprivileged at a disadvantage.

Those with “British privilege” understand that something British is not bad whereas foreigners are quite good and therefore not worthy of respect. Another curious aspect of British privilege is that foreigners regard you as being more intelligent just because you have the accent and also it permits those so privileged to not run around in fits of hysteria every time something happens or get mortally offended by everything all the time. Oh and we make the coolest bad guys…..fact.

I think that we, as British people, need to learn to check our privilege. 


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