Touch wood…

Touch wood, which now seems a perversely apt saying, I’m hooking up with a cute indian woman this week. I think she’s in town on business, well I know that she’s in town this week and that she isn’t from here. I did actually post an ad for a black woman so when I called her she was a bit sheepish, which I found odd given that we’d already exchanged a couple of emails, so obviously I wasn’t that bothered. “I know your ad said you were looking for a black woman” “Yes, but it was a pleasant surprise” which it was. She was quite business like too so I assume she’s middle management, I’m suspecting she works in a bank, which are all good signs and I take it that “Is it okay to call or text you on this number” means that she will actually call. Usually I find that this means “Thanks for having the balls to call me, but no” but I have a feeling that this is a 50/50 thing. As a rule the more formal and business like women are about hooking up the more likely they are to do it. The worst thing that can happen is a horny exchange because it just seems to kill things.

I think I’m going to get tea and super noodles and then do some reading in bed.



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