Cultural Appropriation – a friendly reminder.







Hi! Friendly reminder! So, most of you people who are reading this because of the tags I have listed it under will be American social justice types which means that at some point the vast majority of you have appropriated an aspect of my culture, namely you are speaking English. STOP! How fucking dare you go around speaking MY language and appropriating all of the concepts and worldviews inherent in a language that you have no right to.

It;s not enough that you can’t speak your own language and that you have to steal someone elses, but by thinking you use it to come up with all kinds of social justice nonsense which we in the UK have to put up with because we understand you. Also another thing, you keep coming up with all these Americanisms which deform and degrade our language. By our language I remind you that it probably isn’t YOUR language, it’s not like you can claim direct decent from a native English speaker, is it? At some point one of your ancestors stole my people’s language and now you go around bastardising it like you own it. You have no idea how offensive it is to be constantly bombarded with Americanisms and American spellings. In fact I demand that you immediately stop speaking any form of the pseudo dialect of English called “American” English and immediately start speaking English properly and with a proper accent.

Also another thing, umm, your legal system is based on a little cultural artifact called “English Common Law” so I think it’s outrageous that so many of you have appropriated that also. You should immediately stop using it. Oh yeah, apple pie, it’s English. So, yeah, if you’re not of English descent could you please stop appropriating our culture, it’s deeply offensive and you’re just marking out how racist and Anglophobic you are.

Oh and if you’re one of these “I don’t care if “cunt” isn’t as offensive in the UK as I find it…….” type feminist people…….you’re a cunt for appropriating our language and you’re a cunt for being culturally insensitive.


End of friendly reminder.


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