Rage, muggings and culture

I wrote out a long ranty post, cleared my mind and now I am left with this simple statement:

I am fed up of seeing British youth imitating American drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes, in speech, worldview, mannerisms, behavior and dress. I am fed up of seeing our working class turn into a caricature of people from Compton. 

I say this quietly, calmly, and with a burning rage that I have not felt for a very long time. Not even imitating, internalising, they have internalised a worldview and a culture which has come to them through watching movies, music videos and listening to music to the point where even after the mugging a guy is like, “Do you want to call the feds?” and the British guy who nearly got mugged, as in the guy who is culturally British, speaks with a British accent, in a British dialect, has British values, has to ask the Pseudo American, the guy who speaks in an American dialect, dresses like an American, basically is for all intents and purposes an American, who the “feds” are.

When are we going to start teaching British kids to be British? When are we going to give them an identity so that they don’t grow up walking down the street holding their genitals, in American branded sports wear, talking in an American dialect, committing petty acts of violence because “thug life”? When are going to start saying to these kids “You know, there’s a whole history and culture, a whole way of thinking, a whole artistic tradition that is your birthright and which puts anything else in the world to shame”? Where are we really when our children are brought up by popular media? Why are they allowed to get their values from some illiterate drug dealer singing about smacking his hoes and bitches around and how much money he has?

They can recite American poetry, which is all rap is, about drug dealing and drug and sex related violence and they can’t even quote a single line of British poetry, not even someone so deeply embedded as Shakespeare. How is it that our culture fell so into decline that this has happened? 



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