Rule Britannia.

The Royal Navy has launched HMS Queen Elizabeth a sixty-five thousand ton aircraft carrier, the biggest in the history of the Royal Navy. BBC News are erroneously reporting that she’s named after Elizabeth the second, I would have thought the Tudor rose on the bow would have kind of given it away. For the first time since the 1970’s the navy will have a proper fleet carrier rather than the light carriers we’ve had to make do with since Ark Royal and Eagle were scrapped and the CVA-01 project scrapped also. 

The navy is shaping up quite well with the new Astute class attack submarines probably being the best in the world, certainly good enough to make the American’s jaws hit the floor, the Type 45 destroyers arguably also being the best in the world and now two pretty decent sized aircraft carriers to top it all off. We also have new frigates on the way too.

Our pilots have been training with the US Navy to keep up their skills at flying from carriers so hopefully as the Lightnings come into service there’ll be a smooth and rapid transition to operational capability. 


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