Si vis pacem, para bellum.

I’m quite fanatically proud of being British and of the idea that Britain is and should always be a major world power. I think that our navy should be at least one third the size of the largest navy, at minimum. Our navy after all is our ultima ratio regina and the guarantor of our independence and security. The Falklands, our people there and it’s oil are secure because the Royal Navy guards it. Our oil and food which must be imported by sea and our trade by which we buy these things is secure because the Royal Navy can take on any potential threat.

Never again must we allow ourselves to be in a protracted battle for supremacy of the atlantic and right now no potential aggressor is strong enough to fight us in a protracted battle. Tesco will not run out of stagg chili because Putin gets rowdy and sends his submarines out to cut us off from the world until we do as he says. Even if we had to fight alone, we’d still win, many Royal Navy submarines would be returning to harbour flying Jolly Rodgers

Also the navy carries the final arbiter of our independence: our nuclear deterrent. We will not be lectured, our politics will not be interfered with and British politicians elected by the British people will call the shots on our foreign and domestic policy because lurking out there is a submarine with enough firepower to bloody the nose of anyone who would seek to dominate us at the negotiating table by threatening us with force. As Clausewitz pointed out the military exists to counter the diplomacy of rival nations. Hence it is the ultima ratio, the final argument, and there’s not much more final than a thermonuclear bomb.

Finally our navy protects our family overseas; many of us are still bound to our commonwealth by ties of immediate family. Brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, cousins who have emigrated; extended family that thanks to technology are as close and dear to us as those living in the UK, family and nations who have backed us up in two world wars; people to who we owe a blood debt to. I very much doubt we would allow them to face an aggressor on their own.

So for these reasons I think it critically important that maintain our navy in world class condition; big enough to give anyone pause for thought, at the cutting edge of technology and trained to maximum efficiency to maintain it’s tradition of bold and aggressive action, because so much depends on it. I dislike arguments that are predicated on the idea of an enemy not coming rather than us being ready to meet them; I find them idiotic in the extreme. I wonder if these people would rush out to buy a fire extinguisher as their house burns rather than before. In fact I find them more idiotic than even that because fires do not start because of a lack of fire extinguishers, but wars do start because one side assesses the other, decides it can win, and goes to war. The Falklands is a classic example of this.

We scrapped our big carriers which the Argentines rightly assumed meant that we had no interest in protecting our overseas territories; then the government changed but the Argentines failed to realise that the new government wasn’t as spineless as the fools that had scrapped the carriers. A thousand people died as a result and even more were injured or committed suicide because of battle trauma. Lost lives that could have been saved if only someone in Whitehall had of realised the value of maintaining a decently equipped navy. This willingness to put money over lives or political independence is something I despise.  

Si vis pacem, para bellum: If you want peace prepare for war.



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