Darjeeling rules. I like to alternate Darjeeling with Earl Grey, I find that after a while of just drinking one or the other they get bland but if I alternate them then I can really taste both.

A couple of people have recently mentioned to me that I’m emotionally distant, or getting more emotionally distant. I’ve given this a lot of thought and I’ve concluded that actually I just don’t really have much to whine about or really anything to jump for joy about either. There isn’t much in my life to get emotional about, which to an extent is how I like it. Over the past few years I’ve pretty much come to terms with a lot of things, reevaluated a lot of the concerns in my life and found that, on reflection, I’m not actually that bothered about them.

The older I get, and the more I read and think about things, the more I’m inclined to literally be philosophical about things, as Epictetus says in the Enchiridion  “Man is not upset  by events, but by the view he takes of them” and I think the world is an absurd lunatic asylum. I think it’s quite hard for people to understand that about me: When I say I find the world to be absurd, I’m being quite serious. When I say that I think that the average person, that the overwhelming majority of people are insane, I’m quite serious about that also.

When I talk to the average person that I have to talk to on a daily basis I essentially think of them as someone operating purely on animalistic drives. They use reason to the extent that it allows them to achieve irrational instinct driven goals and that’s about it.



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