I don’t understand why the UK is in the EU. I think it must be that we haven’t taught our kids British political history concurrently European political history because anyone who understands our history understands how almost fundamentally different the UK is from Europe. We’ll gloss over the fact that basically the EU exists to stop Germany invading Poland again, I mean literally that is it’s purpose. One of the curious things happening in Germany at the moment is that the copyright of Mein Kampf is about to run out and so anyone will be able to print it and there’s real fear that Hitler and the Nazis were not an aberration of German culture, but an expression of it.I think that’s actually a fairly valid view point. If one reads about German politics from Bismarck to Hitler the only break in authoritarian rule, collectivist ideology and anti-semitism is in the short years of the Weimar republic. Even now they have a predilection for following rules and bureacracy that has to be seen to be believed.

The rest of the continent isn’t much better, most of it has existed for barely a century most of it under authoritarian rule. I’ve just bought a book by Daniel Hannan: How We Invented Freedom & Why It Matters which argues that what we think of as Western values are actually British values which have produced such success that they became widely adopted enough to be mistaken for Western values. 

One can argue that this is all in the past but, you know………I’m not so sure. I think culture is a much harder thing to change than we give it credit for. I think when we look at the EU it’s totally unsurprising that the country that gave birth to so much of the liberal tradition is also the first country to consider leaving. We’ve imported a lot of continental thought over the last century vis socialism but somehow we’ve never been all that comfortable with it and now we’re at the point where we feel that our own way of doing things is better. Our youth are far more individualistic than their parents and grandparents; they have their great grandparents liberal views. We no longer belong with a clunky, outdated, centralised and bureaucratic wannabe superstate, it doesn’t suit who we are as a people and the politics of the post-war period are not our concern. 

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