On Women.

I just spent £40 to feel attractive. Gabriella was her name, she’s a stripper. I now have stripper crush and I know why. Even a woman who is supposedly into me can say “Well I suppose I’ll have to find some other British guy” and immediately we see the central female assumption: The guy I want or the guy I’m with is easily replaceable.

So I walk into the place and Gabriella dotes on me, she rubs against me, she kisses my cheek, she flatters me, she spreads her legs and is provocative and two realisations dawn: this is all fake and no woman who was genuinely interested in me would do this. To any woman I am so replaceable that it is not worth the effort to seduce me.

I think this is why I’m single; women have no problem saying “Be as I want you to be or I’ll find someone else” and my response is “accept me for me or fuck off” and they fuck off. As a man you realise that the only reason that you’re not easily replaceable is that you have money, you realise that this display of attraction is always fake, it’s always to get money out of you. No woman who really wants you treats you with the same kind of lust and desire that a woman who just wants your money treats you with. A woman who thinks she wants you is half arsed and lackadaisical about it, she knows that there are a ton of guys that want her, so she is indifferent about you.



3 thoughts on “On Women.

  1. It know it sounds stupid and condescending to say not all women are like the ones you’ve apparently experienced, but it’s true. I haven’t had the best experience with decent men, so I understand where you’re coming from. I hope that time proves us both gloriously wrong.

  2. I had to look up NAWALT meant! I had never seen that before. I know it’s a catchphrase and I HATE catchphrases, but I have to believe that people are not all the same. I know personally that I’m not after anyone’s money even if I have none myself because I like to be self sufficient. I’m proud of what I do have because I’ve struggled to get it. I also know that given a chance I can be both loyal and lusty as hell with no monetary involvement whatsoever. And I would never cause someone the pain of making them think they are not good enough because “I can find someone better” because I’ve been there myself and I wouldn’t do that to another person. BUT all that said, that’s just me. Maybe I’m an oddity. I’ve been called that before, god knows.

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