I agree with this actually. It’s not like it’s stopped, it happens all the time all over the north and midlands, anywhere that has a Pakistani community of any size as court case after court case has shown.  We know this and have known this for years, but the problem is that the people in charge of looking after vulnerable children get paid if they succeed and they get paid if they fail. They’ve got good secure jobs, decent salaries, nice pensions they’re not inclined to rock the boat. The other thing is that this doesn’t happen to Pakistani girls because Pakistani girls aren’t running around the streets at all hours of the night drinking; their parents look after them their older brothers look after them, their cousins look after them. This doesn’t happen to black girls either because if so much as a rumour of a black girl being raped goes around a three day riot kicks off and people get shot and stabbed, as happened in Birmingham a few years back.

There is a certain amount of truth in the way Pakistanis talk about us, we are decadent, lazy, pleasure seeking and irresponsible as a culture. We, in fact, don’t know the difference between pleasure and happiness or between freedom and licence or between adulthood and childhood. This is in large measure a failure of English society, we fail to look after our daughters because our priorities are elsewhere, we are too selfish. None of these people, the parents, the police officers, the social workers look in the mirror and see a responsible adult. What they see when they look in the mirror is an aging teenager and, like teenagers, when the shit hits the fan they blame someone else, they whine about how difficult it is and they make excuses. You will never hear any of these parents say, “She’s my daughter, the buck stops with me” always it’s the fault of the police or someone else. Then the teenagers in government whine that there’s nothing they can do about the teenagers in social services or the police. 

You see it in any shopping centre on any given day; the mothers that wanted babies and hate that they’ve ended up with toddlers, tweens and teenagers. The blank, tired, stares, the way they ignore their child, the way that their entire life on FB consists of plotting on how to get rid of the children for some “me time” or how they think spending a week with their child is in some way heroic. So when their daughter decides to go running around the town at 3am drinking, smoking and getting into cars with strange men the mothers are just happy that they’ve got their me time. Truth. 

It’s still going on, right now there are who knows how many girls being sexually abused while their bone idle parents sit at home, probably pissed, in front of the telly and police officers who are culturally incapable of taking responsibility find excuses not to act. By this time on a saturday the average social worker is probably shit faced as well. It’s going on now and it’ll keep going on until we as a society learn what it means to own our own shit and take responsibility for ourselves and our children again. It’s not a systemic fault, it’s a cultural fault.


Fuck. My. Life. 

At the moment I don’t know what’s going on. One minute I want to be alone, I want to hunker down in my bed and feel safe, next thing I know I feel like god almighty and I want to be out and then I get out and I feel like shit and want to be alone again. Plus the doing of stupid impulsive shit is burning through money at a stupid rate. Plus on two occasions this week I’ve ended up in bed with someone when I didn’t really want to. I feel like a fucking idiot. Oh and I nearly got mugged last night by a redhead. 

I want to feel safe and warm and awake. I want to feel normal. I’d quite like to loose my constant awareness of death too.

It sounds odd but I find it weird thinking of myself as having bipolar disorder.



One was in the bookshop and I have a routine because I find that bookshops are so vast that if I don’t have a routine I forget to get around all the sections I want. Instead I end up perusing a section, buying a book and then leaving. I’d checked the fiction section which, in this particular shop, is a thirty metre long stretch of wall and thence moved on to the history section, up to the top floor to the philosophy and was back down at the fiction when I realised that science fiction was in its own section, this being on the second floor. So I traipsed up there and started looking to see what Heinlein they had and was annoyed to find that they had Stranger in a Strange Land  which is a book I must read but I am not currently interested in reading, I’ve listened to the audiobook though. Then it occurred to me to check for Azimov since I picked up Nemesis recently and I’ve decided that I need to read the original Foundation trilogy because obvious reasons.

After a few minutes mooching I found Azimov and I was not happy. They had the Foundation trilogy but in separate books, which is fine, but they were £8 each and the paper quality was terrible. Literally they were really cheap paperbacks. For a while I gawped forlornly at this and I was mentally musing about how it would be better if it were illegal to make paperbacks and if the whole trilogy could be put in one book and then I noticed that someone had done just that. So I pick the book up and look through it and it’s beautifully made, beautifully printed with a ribbon marker in it. I look at and sigh, I want to buy it but I expect it to be expensive. I look on the back, there’s no price so figure again that it must be expensive. Opening the front cover I see £13.99. Well £13.99 is better than £24, isn’t it? And for such a nice book.

So I bought it.

A History of Britain with Simon Sharma – The Wrong Empire

Watching it on BBC4, the best channel in the world, and it’s about the loss of the American colonies. It strikes me that the English Civil War started at Edgehill in 1642 and ended, after several intermittent periods of peace, at Appomattox Courthouse in 1865.  Well, more like there is a large pause, the war never really ends because government always gets too big for its boots.

The British Empire is something I feel no shame or remorse for. Partly this is because I didn’t build it and partly because, judged by the standards of the time, it wasn’t actually all that bad. Everyone we ruled would have ruled us given half the chance, we were just better at empire building than anyone else. Also the end product is one superpower, and several other English speaking countries which are noted for their liberties and prosperity, which is more than any other empire has ever left behind. Our legal and political systems stand astride the world like a colossus, our language is the de facto lingua franca. We may even yet succeed at civilising poor benighted savages like people from Louisiana, for instance. Yeah, I know, doubtful, doubtful. 

I crack myself up. I was just told to go to McDonalds, by CC an, American, to get a creme egg mcflurry and then asked why we have them and why America doesn’t. The answer of course is that America is uncivilised. I find that I want a creme egg now. Apparently we only supply the Americans with them at easter. I need food. CC will be all “You’re a chauvinist”  and naturally I will reply “Of course”. 


Evil Spider.

So there’s been a fairly large spider in my room for a day or so, which is annoying. I came home today and it ran along the wall and was caught by a smaller spider which then proceeded to wrap it up in a web. For a while I watched this scrap going on but eventually I lost patience and hoovered the pair of them up.