Itai and ibuprofen.

For the past few days I’ve had this pain between two of my teeth. Not serious pain but the fact that it lasts for a couple of hours makes it annoying. So today I took myself off to the dental hospital and it turns out that my teeth are boringly normal, my gums are very healthy and so the cause of the pain is a mystery. Apparently sometimes pains just happen.

That being the case I picked up some ibuprofen. I was semi narked actually because all the big brand name stuff was there for like £3 or £4 and I never buy branded stuff because generic ibuprofen, which is chemically identical to all the brands, costs 35p or about 10% of the price of branded ibuprofen. Could I find the generic stuff though? No. It was tucked away on the bottom shelf hidden away. This I think of as an attempt to rip the consumer off.


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