I love watching Rachel Brice. I find her intoxicating; she exudes feminine power and strength. The discipline, the self-control that allows her to express herself, the poise and grace. The sense that she has mastered her body and is in total control; this creates such a feeling of power. If it’s one thing I like it’s a woman who exudes power.

So often people conflate power with aggression, but really aggression is an admission of loss of control and thus lack of power. If you have to be overtly dominant then you’re either at ease with yourself or at peace with what you control; you’re actively displaying your insecurity. Power feels no need to show itself off but at the same time it’s unmistakable. It’s true what they say, power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. 

S says that I love strong women, C says that I’m fascinated and intimidated by women, they’re both right except that I’m not sure that I find women intimidating. B says pretty much the same, that I like independent and self-contained women.There is something fascinating about women though and I realise that I’m doing what feminists hate, defining women as the young attractive ones. NB though that Brice is in her forties so maybe I’m not being too bad.

There is that something though that some women have that just fascinates me in the original sense of the word. Enchants would be another good word. Watching S get ready to go out is something I could watch for hours, do in fact watch for hours because it bloody well takes hours! A woman can have an exoticism, and otherness and otherworldliness about her that men can never really have, there’s a mystery, a theatre, to being female that maleness never quite has. I suppose that’s what it is, the theatre of femininity. 

I get drawn into the theatre of it all the time. S’s theatre, I suppose Dakota’s theatre. I like a woman who can elevate the mundane to the magical, who can exude power and confidence. 


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