Dakota part infinity minus whatever.

So today I met up with Dakota for a drink with J and first she was overly excited that I’d bought her a drink, then she sat next to me and things got slightly touchy feely. She rested her head on my shoulder, she poked me when I put my hands behind my head. Then she moaned about the naked women I have on my phone as wallpaper; she does this thing where she paws at my phone as I try to use it. I was there trying to show her my awesome yorkshire pudding which was huge beyond all reason, but as I was mooching about my phone looking for it she’d keep gently slapping my phone down. 

I was out all last night drinking so I was pretty tired and she’d gently slap me telling me to wake up then when we were eating she asked me if I wanted to try her chicken, then she tried my beef, which struck me because that’s not usual for her. 

On one hand I like all this, I like her attention and I like her affection. On the other hand it’s really hard not being able to just kiss her and cuddle her and roll around in her arms and go to sleep. 


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