Man v woman logic.

You know…………We haven’t talked in months and I’d pretty much forgotten about her but I see her name come up on FB in some post of a friend of mines and I add her. I didn’t talk to her on FB, had no intention of texting her or communicating with her, it’s just FB and I add people for, you know, reasons. Then she texts me. This is fine, understandable, I’ve added her it’s fairly appropriate to communicate with me, so whatever. I’m polite, civil, but I don’t come on to her or show interest or anything.

A couple of days pass and she texts me again. Again I’m polite, chit chatty, and civil but that’s all. I mean this is a woman that I tried it on with and she rejected me, so I’m not going to be a dick and be one of those guys that doesn’t take no for an answer. That’s just creepy. Then another couple of days pass and she texts me again and this is starting to form a pattern.

Whereas before I was putting in all the effort and working to keep the conversations going now it’s the other way around. Now she’s texting me and putting effort in. Now, I’m not the kind of person to read anything into anything, either someone says what they want or I assume there’s nothing there because I’ve screwed up enough times in the past that, frankly, I’m not interested in playing the mixed signals game. I want a clear yes or I’m going to assume no, but this has me wondering. As an aside if you follow this policy you get the crazy ones who are like “Which part of “I want to fuck you” do you not get?” which compensates for the fewer total fucks. Anyway.

So I’m like, you know, if you’re pretty much not giving her anything and she’s still contacting you, something be up. Not being sure what I wanted to do with this I did nothing but it carried on and tonight I went to training, found out that it was cancelled, and G lives close by so I absconded to G’s place for a couple of drinks. She lives fairly close to G, it’s on my way home and G is the kind of person who it’s best that I don’t associate myself with because he’s always like “Do it! Do it!”. Nearly all of my best stories about women and womanising come from G egging me on,

After about the third beer and a decent glass of brandy I’ve decided that this situation needs a good poke to see what it does so I’m like “Would you like some company tonight, maybe a nice bottle of wine?” and she’s all “I would be tempted if I didn’t have to be up early tomorrow” and I’m like, that’s new, that’s not the usual flat out “No, meeting you again would be weird” that she gave me before. On the other hand I’ve tipped my hand, which I’m not all that happy about.

I say tipped my hand, she knows that I want to sleep with her.and she knows that I don’t do relationships………curious. Man logic tells me that if you’re contacting someone who wants to fuck you but doesn’t want a relationship that you’re probably looking to get laid, but woman logic is rarely that straight forward. 

I’m not really sure what I want to do with this. 


4 thoughts on “Man v woman logic.

  1. I say don’t “do” anything about it. He the Flynn ki d of rock. When she says yes to a drink make it only drinks. If she seems antsy as you say good. Night, and do so, whsper two words- next time.

    Q: next time what?
    A: next time …. Anything

    Then let her arrange “next time”

    Just saying

    • Crap, I hate phones…. should have said: be the Flynn kind of dick. When she says yes to a drink, make it only drinks. If she seems antsy or eager, say good night, and say good night. As you do, whisper two words: Next time

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