You know who you are.

I hope, otherwise this’ll be slightly embarrassing. 

You meet me at the train station and we hug, chit chatting, “How was the journey?” I playfully moan about the usual things, the weather, the state of the trains and how they’re always late, the usual stuff that two, slightly nervous, people talk about when they first meet and need to break the ice. We head for coffee which is desperately needed since I was up so early and, you know how I seldom sleep properly. 

We chat about literature and blogging, the news and random plans we have, you gently chide me over a couple of my posts; I sheepishly smile and we laugh about it. You notice my eyes wandering, you can see that I’m doing my best but I struggling and you smile to yourself about it. After a couple of coffees you ask “Would you like another coffee or we could head back to mine and watch a film?” We decide on heading back to watch a film. 

With more coffee we find ourselves on the sofa, officially watching the film but there’s a little tension. You slouch to get comfortable and after a little while I rest my head on your legs. You play with my hair and not long after we’re snuggled up gently stroking each other, my head resting on your belly. “I know what you want” you say as you stroke my face, I look up and you give me a knowing smile. You sit up and pop your bra, teasingly you take it off while leaving your top on and drop it on the floor. Continuing the tease you slowly pull your top up until your nipples are showing relishing my excitement. Almost immediately I take one in my mouth and start to suckle gently as you wrap your legs around me, the film rolls on unwatched as we kiss and I take your top off, massage your huge breasts, sucking and playing with each nipple in turn in between deep, passionate, kisses.

A trail of clothes soon leads to your bed and we snuggle under the covers, you squeezing me into your bosom, pushing nipples into my mouth. You climb on top and gently smack my face with your boobs, occasionally you teasingly smother me, eventually neither of us can hold back and we go at it for hours before collapsing exhausted into each others arms. We lay there joking about what kind of a blog post this’ll make as we exchange banter and witty lines. 


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