One was in the bookshop and I have a routine because I find that bookshops are so vast that if I don’t have a routine I forget to get around all the sections I want. Instead I end up perusing a section, buying a book and then leaving. I’d checked the fiction section which, in this particular shop, is a thirty metre long stretch of wall and thence moved on to the history section, up to the top floor to the philosophy and was back down at the fiction when I realised that science fiction was in its own section, this being on the second floor. So I traipsed up there and started looking to see what Heinlein they had and was annoyed to find that they had Stranger in a Strange Land  which is a book I must read but I am not currently interested in reading, I’ve listened to the audiobook though. Then it occurred to me to check for Azimov since I picked up Nemesis recently and I’ve decided that I need to read the original Foundation trilogy because obvious reasons.

After a few minutes mooching I found Azimov and I was not happy. They had the Foundation trilogy but in separate books, which is fine, but they were £8 each and the paper quality was terrible. Literally they were really cheap paperbacks. For a while I gawped forlornly at this and I was mentally musing about how it would be better if it were illegal to make paperbacks and if the whole trilogy could be put in one book and then I noticed that someone had done just that. So I pick the book up and look through it and it’s beautifully made, beautifully printed with a ribbon marker in it. I look at and sigh, I want to buy it but I expect it to be expensive. I look on the back, there’s no price so figure again that it must be expensive. Opening the front cover I see £13.99. Well £13.99 is better than £24, isn’t it? And for such a nice book.

So I bought it.


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