Ladies and gentlemen, I am in fact stunned. I was mid post, getting through a rant on lefties and posteverythingism, I had Kind of Blue blaring away in my ears and I was on a roll writing wise. Then I went downstairs, got myself a mug of lapsang souchong, made cheese on toast, casually clicked on the reader button to see what’s going on in the world of wordpress and I shit you not my brain shut down when I saw this from a fellow blogger I consider a friend in a blogging kinda way.


Imagine, if you will, a Jack Sparrow voice saying “I’s’impossible…” literally that’s what flashed through my head. Then I nearly dribbed tea on my lap. There was nothing sexual about this, my brain didn’t get that far, my brain did in fact, not get beyond “It’s…’s……it’s just……technically impossible………..*shrugs* it….it..*shrugs*….it just can’t happen, it’s impossible”.

Frequent readers will know that I believe that anything below an E cup is flat chested and usually I can be quite nonchalant about boobs and reply with an insouciant “Well, the largest I’ve played with are K cups”. Perhaps we’re in a bar and my friend sees a “busty” woman and he says something “She’s got a nice rack” and I shrug with indifference. Seeing this picture though, nonchalance and my general insouciance went out of the window and I found myself raising an eyebrow in disbelief. 

More later….drinking now. And plotting, much plotting.


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