Pointless nudity.

I do not understand why there need to be naked women lathering themselves up on top of vehicles at paintball events. I’ve seen it personally a couple of times and I’ve been pretty indifferent. If I’m there to play paintball I’m not there to see tits, I’m in my paintballing headspace and I don’t really want to be taken out of it. I’m not sure why naked women are required, it strikes me as being entirely ludicrous. 

I get that there is a nexus between aggression and power and power and sex. I just feel it’s so demeaning and degrading to be part of a group of guys dribbling over a naked woman; I find that I have to walk away because I’m just not going be one of those sorry ass beta/omega males standing there wishing that was my gf. With strippers it’s a bit different, if you’re skilled enough you can potentially make something happen, the power dynamic is partly under your control.

Everytime I see this kind of thing I just wonder which clown hired these women and I realise that this clown is probably a mouth breathing neck bearded fat guy that never gets laid or who sleeps with rather large women. Truth.  


One thought on “Pointless nudity.

  1. The guy that hired them probably does get laid – he has money. Remember, the show is all about separating people from their money and any distraction that works will be employed. A sucker is born every minute, so the saying goes. Like magic, such shows are designed to titilate while the promoter is pocketing your money. It’s as simple as that.

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