Partly for CC, partly inspired by Lola, how’s this for bad tokens?

Generally manic episodes are filled with trying to get as much sex as humanly possible with as many women as humanly possible, they’re filled with wild mercurial cravings, black women one day, asian women the next, busty women, flat chested women, then rampant desires for fat chicks and then maybe redheads. It’s begging S to DP herself on wall mounted dildos for me at 3am just to get off on how flushed she looks afterwards.  This one though………..well it started out that way.

I was at J’s doing some gaming and I got a text, “Are you busy this evening?”. Generally gaming sessions last all day and into the night at J’s. I asked her what she had in mind, let’s call her ER. ER said she wanted me to come over and make her cum. Now, dear reader, ER and I have played together a few times. I seem to be her go to when she needs sex, but I’m not really all that attracted to her, although she does have one of the finest minds of anyone I’ve ever met and we click on that basis. Also she’s filthy, her idea of a good weekend is to go to a swinger’s club and get gangbanged, fisted, the works, on paper she’s my kind of woman but we don’t really click sexually I don’t feel.  All that said I’m manic and I have no impulse control so I cut the gaming session with J as soon as it is polite enough to do so and head over.

The first problem is that she smokes, and I genuinely hate kissing smokers and the other thing is teeth……teeth should not be involved in blow jobs. Also nails should not be involved in trying to get someone’s cock into you. So actually it wasn’t fun at all. In fact, it never really is. On one hand I feel like saying, “Why do I do this to myself?” and then I realise that actually I wanted to do it at the time because I’m pretty impulsive naturally, and when I’m manic I’m even more impulsive than normal.




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