“She fucks like a nineteen year old” I overheard this and I thought to myself that only a sixteen year old would be impressed by this because, not to be funny, I wouldn’t fuck a nineteen year old because the average nineteen year old has no clue what she’s doing, and worse than that, has all the insecurities and hang ups that nineteen year olds have. One feeds the other.

It’s quite funny because J says to me that he likes younger women, women in their early and mid twenties, because they tend to be more interesting. Either their in university or just out of university and they’re reading things and have interests and are trying to build an identity. By the time they hit their late twenties all they can talk about is East Enders and work and they generally become boring people. Like men in relationships. Family men especially are so stable by which I mean boring and predictable. 

It’s actually for this reason that I find women so utterly boring. I can imagine that the gorgeous redhead that I saw yesterday could chatter for hours about art, take you around a gallery and tell you everything about everything and the conversation generally would be very stimulating. One senses that by the time she’s twenty-six she’ll be all about paying bills, getting promotions in some job or other, office politics, events at work, and maybe thinking about having children, her whole life will be mapped out in that common bourgeois way.  

I find suddenly that I may only be talking about middle class women………………working class women…….I was at the bus stop last monday coming home from training and training is in a less than desirable area. Two women, girls really, joined me at the bus stop and one said to the other, “I don’t want to be in college until I’m twenty-one though and you have to be twenty-one to do the job, I want to have kids. So and so said that that if I’m not in a relationship by then I should just sleep around”. One cannot imagine passionately slow dancing with them in a cocktail dress at 3am to Miles Davis after an evening of deeply stimulating conversation. The sort way of describing this is to say “They’re boring”. 





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