How novel

I feel kinda anxious. Anxiety I could do with out but a mild case of depression I would mildly welcome because then I could get on with writing. I think it’s been about two years since I actually wrote anything. It’s always “the novel” Plato asks “How’s the novel coming on?” it isn’t I tell him. “You should get on with it”. He thinks I should be like Kerouac, I should just shut myself away for six weeks, drink and write and drink and write until it’s finished. To be honest I think so too. There are problems though, finding a voice and the biggest of them all is bipolar disorder. I don’t mean this in the sense that it gets in the way so much as I realise that I have to write about it and I don’t want to. For years I’ve hashed and rehashed this book in my mind and a couple of years back I realised that it’s jumping off point is bipolar disorder, everything else is a result of that.

So that brings up questions of how to approach it. I have a few ideas though.

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