The Quran and the Hadith are not abhorrent to those who have read them, no more so than the Torah or Bible. Anyone following any of these scriptures in a literal sense is capable of horrendous crimes. The crusades are highly a shining example of positive Christian conduct!

I just don’t understand why you so vehemently protest Islam when it is derived from an as equally barbaric Christianity. Singling out one religion for contempt is neither secular or humanist. It’s bigotry – Madam de Lola

Protest against Islam – don’t do that American thing of dropping the preposition.

Christianity or Judaism might be vastly more abhorrent or enjoy vast moral superiority over Islam, but that has no bearing on the moral status of Islam, it doesn’t affect the answer to the question of if Islam is a religion of peace or not; there is no need to talk about Christianity or Judaism. It’s not bigotry – it’s sticking to the topic at hand.


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