I really enjoy pointing out to people that fascism is actually a centrist position, explicitly so. The originators of fascism sort to combine socialism and liberalism into a third way, a middle ground position. People like to think that fascism is a far right ideology but that makes no sense on a linear continuum because the right would have to go from moderately collectivist at it’s leftmost point to individualistic in the middle and then back to being collectivist again at the rightmost position. Cf this with the left which is collectivist all the way though. So fascism best sits in the middle. It’s the economic policies of the liberals combined with the social policies of the socialists.

In our system virtually no one is left wing enough to actually be a leftie, no one advocates for collective ownership in the political mainstream. The furthest left people will go is to advocate state control of the market via regulation and taxation; in other words they’re kind of mild fascists. They’re not quite left wing enough to advocate for a corporate society and certainly not left wing enough to argue for state ownership of the economy and socialist social policies.


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