I am somewhat starting to get freaked out by life at the moment. *looks around cautiously* Nothing is going wrong. Okay, the work experience is a joke, there are about a million of us there and there isn’t enough for even one of us to do, we’re not yet cleared on the system and no one is much bothered about our comings and goings, but the place is a gold mine of useful information and future opportunities. Just sitting and watching the place work and shadowing people is proving to be of great utility.

Literally all the problems that I keep having to ponder solutions for in pursuit of my long term goals this lot keep coming up with solutions for, which has got me wondering if, and I know this sounds manic, but it all looks a bit planned by some higher power, everything is happening at exactly the right time. Apparent pointlessness turns out to be of extraordinary value. It’s like the universe is saying, “You have realised where I want you and I will now speed you on your way”.

On the flipside I am exhausted, I suspect that this is partly the boredom and partly that at this time of year I usually sleep twelve to fourteen hours a day and at the moment I’m only getting five or six. That said I am exhausted, but still chipper and motivated, still positive. I’m going to have a shower, get ready for bed and try and get eight or nine hours in tonight.


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