It’s all Russian to me.

I had this thought the other day that, in line with my general career plans, I should possibly look into learning Russian, I think it would be advantageous to be able to put it on a CV. So I’ve mooched around t’internet for local language courses and sure enough there’s one in the local language centre, we have one of those apparently, my mate learns Japanese there. So I’m thinking that I should enrol on the next one which starts, I’m hoping, in January or February since it’s only about £80. The other language I was looking at is Mandarin, but I’m wondering if I would rather be sent to China or Russia and I think I’d rather go to Russia, plus I have a Russian friend who can help me learn.

This isn’t exactly a new project, I have at various points attempted to learn to read Russian so that I can read The Master and Margarita in the original Russian. I actually have a Russian copy of it that my friend gave to me for exactly that reason. The end result of this is that I can generally look at a word in cyrillic and transliterate it, occasionally I can even get the gist of what it says. Right now this is generally limited to reading bottles of Russian Standard Vodka and wondering at how it actually says “standart” which is what my friend says but hopefully I can rapidly improve on this.

In other news I picked up a copy of Smiley’s People for fifty whole pennies in the charity shop.


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