What Feminists sound like….

You know when you point out that there is a huge problem affecting men, say that 90% of workplace deaths and injuries happen to men and Feminists say “Just because there are bigger problems, doesn’t mean that a man telling me I’m pretty isn’t a problem” to me it’s like this: A man has just got run over and a woman whines “I’ve broken a nail!” and at that moment the crowd is expected to turn around and say, “Yeah, that’s a real problem” in a way which doesn’t make the woman out to be the most vacuous human being on the planet.

The mark of an adult, or one of the marks of an adult is being able to put your problems into perspective and if the problem isn’t that big and their are other, bigger problems, you shut up and deal with the big problems, then you voice your concerns about the little ones. Otherwise you end up sounding like a spoiled brat or a totally air headed, self-obsessed individual that the community could probably do well without.


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