Mangina making.

The internet seems flooded with articles by women which basically say, “Society treats my son like shit, I’m no longer a feminist” but then go on to say how they brought their son up to be a mangina; someone who values themselves by the approval of women. Like this woman who has raised her sons basically to be a source of money and gifts for women, without expecting anything back. So they’re going to hit twenty-five, be virgins and absolutely hate women because every woman that they’ve ever liked has used them for the attention and gifts, and then put them where they belong: in the friends zone.They’re going to have the experience of seeing every girl they ever like go off with some other guy and it is not going to make them happy, well balanced, individuals.

They’re going to be there thinking to themselves “All I ever am is nice to women and they treat me like shit” which goes one of two places; either it becomes out and out misogyny or deep self hatred. Someone’s going to get the blame for this and either it’s going to be that women are just shit people who use men, or it’s going to be that despite how good they are they are, that in some way so deeply flawed that they can never be good enough to “deserve” a girl friend and that they some how deserve everything that happens to them. Either they’re going to blame women because they’ve been taught that all women are worthy of respect and when that paradigm comes crashing down it’ll invert to “All women are bitches” or they’re going to blame themselves.

These are not men who are brought up to do an assessment of a person and decide to respect them or not,  these are men who are brought up to automatically, unquestioningly, respect a whole class of people irrespective of the personal qualities of any individual in that group. As an aside it also taught them that the most essential aspect in determining if a person should be respected is their genitals, the most important thing about a person is their gender. Feminists have been working for decades to reinforce gender boundaries because they don’t understand that inversion relies on reinforcing a boundary.

What we end up with is a person who sees themselves as outside of the automatic respect group. Here’s this group of people who deserve automatic respect and he’s in the group which has to earn respect. He’s inferior, or at least potentially inferior, to the people in the automatic respect group and the only way for him to find out if he’s inferior or not is to see validation by the automatic respect group. I’ve crossed from the plural to the singular, I apologise but what’s true for one of these guys is going to be generally true.

This guy has been brought up to have an inferiority complex which can only be mitigated, not resolved, by female approval, only he’s been brought up to act in a subservient way towards a group he’s conditioned to automatically respect. No woman likes this, no woman that doesn’t charge £150 an hour to have you lick her toilet clean anyway.

I’ve been where these guys have been, and it’s not nice.

If they’re strong, if they’re tough, if they’re bright and intelligent enough, they’ll sit down and say “So what is this thing about me which is so bad, so terrible, that no matter how hard I try or what I do I’m still not good enough?” and after years of looking they’ll realise that actually, it’s not them. At first it’ll be something that they have to remind themselves of but eventually it’ll become internalised and their self worth will be founded upon themselves at which point they’ll demand of women, as they would with anyone, that if they want respect they have to earn it. I didn’t realise that I’d hit this point until I was about twenty-six and I was on an Aikido instructor’s course and the instructor pointed out that one of the qualities of leadership was not following the crowd and not being uncomfortable with being the odd one out. At that moment in time everyone else was stood up on the mat, but I was sitting down. Literally I’d walked onto the mat and sat down even though everyone else was standing. Slowly I realised that I just didn’t give a shit anymore what anyone else thought.

Let me tell you guys, when you start treating women like you treat men, like people who need to earn your respect it’s funny. Laugh out loud funny. They have this look, it’s not anger, it’s a mix of sadness and total confusion. When they’re there trying to get you to do something and you feel that need to win their approval, recognise it, let it go and you’re just like “No” and they lay on the shaming language and you’re just like, “Don’t want to do it, don’t need to explain myself to you”. They don’t understand it. Literally they do not understand what is happening. All you have to do if you want to get laid is never explain yourself or justify yourself to anyone you don’t know or if you just don’t feel like explaining yourself to people you don’t know, don’t. You’ll know your succeeding when manginas start calling you a jerk.

I digress.

Most guys will never reach this point though. Never. We’re a generation of men raised by women, and the women fucked up. So many women are never going to have grandchildren because they raised their sons to behave like every woman loves them like they do. Their female teachers in school raised them to be quiet and obedient, or shoved them on ritalin if they don’t, it goes on. So by the time they reach adulthood we have the epidemic of mangina that we see today with guys putting ordinary people on a pedestal purely for having a vagina, which is something that the fembots say they want to avoid but actually encourage.

That’s all I have to say about that.


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