I have a totally different take on this.

I think this totally misinterprets what’s going on. The first thing is that she’s at this event, she’s got herself into a highly emotional state, the PUA’s talk about frying a woman’s emotional circuits, her’s are totally fried. I’ve seen this video, I don’t know how many times, and so many guys say things like, “Look how much she enjoys abusing the guy”. She’s not abusing him in my opinion; it’s all in the microexpressions.

So she checks with the official alpha male, the police officer, to see what he’s going to do because by this point the guy is walking off and she’s hoping that the police officer is going to force him to stay there. She actually wants the guy’s approval but he’s not even looking at her, he’s not engaging with her, she can’t even keep him in one place because he’s actually repulsed by her, which she doesn’t understand, but she quite likes it. She’s taking his disgust as confidence. She’s out and out flirting with him, the whole thing is one long shit test, she gives it away right at the start of every interaction where she gives him a little smile as she launches into her tirade. She’s shit testing him and he’s ignoring it.

When she realises that the officer is going to let him through the barrier and away from her, what does she do? She follows him, she gives him a little flash of the eyes, another little smile, just for a split second, and she reengages; she is not going to let him go anywhere if she can help it. If she could she’d have followed him into the building and if the dude had hidden from her in a closet she’d have been in their with him.  Then he checks her shit test and just as he starts to speak, what does she do? She gives him another little smile. It’s only him checking her bullshit that makes her frown because what she wants to hear off of him is some kind of statement that he is a protector of women, i.e that, actually, looking after women is what he’s all about.

The next little bit I’m not sure about. I’m not sure if she’s saying “OMG you are actually a rape apologist I can’t believe I’ve been flirting with you and I’m angry for that” or what. I watch it and sometimes I see a little pout and sometimes I don’t. As she says “You know what, though” that little microexpression I can’t read. That said the frustration in her voice as he walks off tends to indicate to me that she’d rather he stayed there.

Then she gets angry with the police because they’ve let him get away from her so she says the worst thing that she can think of about them: that they’re rapists, plus that’s what she’s been talking about, that’s why she’s there, that’s the thing that comes to mind first for her.

If he’d have looked her in the eye when she first started up, rolled his eyes at her, smiled and said, “I don’t find you attractive, stop flirting with me” kept his cool, stuck to his guns that she was flirting with him for a couple of minutes, in between ignoring her if she didn’t talk about flirting, then leaned in a bit and said, “You know, I’m willing to discuss this with you, but it’s cold here and I’d like to go somewhere warmer, how about you come for a coffee with me?” my money is on her saying yes, not in a hair tossing, smiley kinda way; she’d have kept up the abuse, and abused him all the way to the coffee shop, but she’d have gone.

I’m thinking though that the dude hovering around her, the beta male orbiter that she has, is probably her bf and she would have given him a checking look and declined, and my response would have been “I’m going to grab a coffee at xyz and come back then” and then walk off. My money is on that fifteen minutes later she would have been in the xyz coffee shop with some excuse for being there. In fact my money is on that she would have asked her bf if he wanted a coffee and then played the good little girlfriend role and run off to get them both a coffee while he dutifully stayed at the protest like a good little beta boyfriend. An hour later she’d be lying through her teeth to her bf and getting him off the phone as fast as possible. I’ve only seen this whole scenario play out like a couple of dozen times.


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