White males, privilege and the Great Divergence.

I’ve noticed that, certainly in America, but also now in the rest of the Anglosphere to an increasing extent, that “White male” is now used in a pejorative manner. This I construe as proof that Americans have no concept of irony. None. Doesn’t exist in their world.

So today I got called a white male and I was like “What? Builder of civilisation? Member of the culture which embraced science and philosophy and ran with it?” which got me called racist, predictably. I was expecting the whole colonisation/imperialism retort and was waiting to point out that the culture which first renounced imperialism and colonialism was actually European. If you’re anti-imperialism and anti-colonialism then you’re thinking more like a white male than you are a person of any other culture. Hence Americans have no sense of irony.

I mean the west abolished slavery………name another culture that ever abolished slavery. There have been cultures which outright rejected it but name one that had it and had a debate about it and then abolished it and not only abolished it but then set out to stamp it out across the globe? Exactly. The number of cultures a white male can turn around to and say “But for us you’d still have slavery” is really quite high. If you’re against slavery, you’re pretty much repeating the thought of white males.

Republics, democracy, bills of rights and constitutions, equality before the law these are all either the outright inventions of white males or most profoundly and widely adopted by white males. The Chinese are just about debating whether rule of law is good thing or not. The west had largely settled this centuries before the common era. The Chinese are starting to govern like white males.

Most of all white I find ironic about this white male thing is the idea that white women come from some other culture than white men.

Then there’s “white privilege”. So let me get this straight, you expect two groups with different attitudes, values, worldviews and methodologies to perform equally? Are you remtarded or something? If you want an extreme example of what I’m talking about compare white man medicine with Chinese medicine. This equality dogma tells us that these two systems of medicine, which represent two different cultures, should perform equally well. They don’t and it isn’t because one of them is privileged and the other isn’t. It’s because one culture’s medicine is based on the scientific method and Enlightenment values which informs everything that culture does from medicine to educational methods and the other culture’s medicine is based on superstition and tradition. You don’t take over the world with “privilege” you take over the world because your methods work better than the methods of your rivals and your rivals can either whine about you being privileged or they can adopt your methods or find better ones.

The problem with Social Justice Warriors is that they have this religious belief that everyone is equal and so individual or cultural differences make no impact on anything and so if there are differences in outcome it must be due to oppression. Common sense on the other hand tells is that there are many ways to skin a cat but not all of them work equally well. The Great Divergence didn’t happen because God shat privilege down on the pigmentally challenged people; it happened because of the Renaissance and cultural changes that produced in European society, to include America, and other cultures by and large have still not caught up. It isn’t privilege or oppression, we’re actually doing things differently from other people and oddly enough we’re getting different results.


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