Sluts, slags, whores, skets.

Inspired by Lola, my muse. I’ll be honest, Lola wrote a post about the word “Slag” I haven’t read it, but I think she objects to it. You know what? I don’t care. Put simply if a woman says to me, “I am a slut, slag, whore, sket” my reaction is “Do go on” or “Do you like cum on your tits?”. I had this conversation with a woman last saturday night and she branded me a feminist, regular readers will imagine my reaction to this. The second word was “off”.

I genuinely don’t see what the problem is. So you’re a woman who likes sex with many men or I suppose women. I don’t see how this is a problem for me. For a start such an announcement is not a, I sound really feminist now, it’s not an invitation, it’s just a statement of fact, or perception of fact, on the part of the woman. Secondly, from a male, misogynist, woman hating point of view, the fact that she’s telling me generally means that she is announcing the possibility of us having sex, even if she’s not directly offering sex in a kind of “If you continue like this I’m going to want to jump in bed with you” kinda way. I don’t see how this is a bad thing.

I remember blogging about the convo I had with the new guy in the dojo about Dakota and him saying, basically, that it made him insecure that a woman would have many sexual partners because it made him worry that if he didn’t please her that she’d move on to someone else. I must be some kind of totally arrogant fuck because I really don’t care. It’s not that I don’t care about my partners pleasure, I do, but I see it this way: Most of these encounters are explicitly of the one off kind, also I’m not the kind of guy that’s just happy to sleep with any woman, she actually has to be good in bed. So I see my performance as being one number in a massive equation and to be honest, for me, it doesn’t often matter how good I am. I have sex to have fun, if I have fun, basically I’m happy unless she is someone I am emotionally involved with.

It’s like the whole penis size thing, I am not hung like a donkey, but you know what? I’ve been with enough women to know that there is a good proportion of women that I literally have to force it inside and when I do their eyes shoot open, they squeel, and I’m like “Are you okay?” to which the response is never negative. The best one was the lesbian I slept with. It would not go in for love nor money, I licked her, fingered her, kissed her neck, kissed her all over; I did everything to get her wet and then I realised that she was actually wet. That being the case I got on top, kissed her passionately, reached under her, grabbed her shoulders and basically rammed it in. She squeeled, her eyes shot open, I asked if she was okay and she literally said “ohhh yes” and that’s all she said. I asked her if she was comfortable “ooooh yes” is this good “ooh yes” and she was shivering and wide eyed and panted a lot.  So I’m not really bothered about the penis size thing.

I suppose what I’m getting at is that really I’m not concerned with being the best fuck that a particular woman has had, if I thought in those terms I’d be sizing up every woman in terms of “Is she the best fuck yet?”. I have issues, feminist me talking again, with reducing people down to how good of a fuck they are. I don’t have these anxieties that other men seem to be rife with.

So sluts, slags, whores, skets, I have a hard time being negative about. I don’t see how I can turn around to women, individually and collectively and say “Well I’d fuck a good proportion of you, but it you’d fuck a good proportion of men then you’re a bad person”. It makes no sense. Like Lola, read Lola’s blog, it can be pretty wild. Lola, as far as I remember has H cups. Regular readers know full well what H cups mean to yours truly. If she was all “come down here and fuck me” I’m not going to be all “No, you have slept with other donkey hung like men, my insecurities prevent me” my answer would be “If I don’t get a titwank within the first hour I am leaving”. That’s where my priorities are.  I’m fucked if I’m giving up the opportunity to get a tit wank off a highly sexual woman with H cups, all y’all insecure men who worry about women being a slut, slag, whore, sket, whatever, good, fuck off to your virgins and have your boring sex, worry about your cock size and miss out on banging some hot woman, I’m going with the experience and the woman who loves sex. More for me, less for you.

CC, I know you just read the “y’all” bit and rolled your eyes and smiled. I know this.

Like the “she’s easy” thing. Is it meant to be hard? She wants to fuck someone so it’s meant to be hard for them to fuck her? What sense does that make? Would you, as a guy, be all like, “Yeah I’d totally do her, but I’m going to make it hard for her?” No, this is insane. So why as a guy would you be all, “Yeah I’d totally do her, but only if she makes it hard for me to do her” what’s that about?

I feel that this makes me odd as a guy,


One thought on “Sluts, slags, whores, skets.

  1. 1. Really enjoyed the story. Going to have to ask you for more details later. 😉
    2. Dick size means nothing. 9/10 women will say so. If you’re not just fucking for getting yourself off, but also for getting her off too then it doesn’t matter if you have a pencil dick, y’all.
    3. Which brings me to the fact that you kinda used “y’all” redundantly, but I did smile.

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