I swear it’s a mystery to my parents how I manage to produce succulent, tender roasts. For me it’s no mystery, I find out the weight then I use a calculator to figure out how long it needs to cook at what temperature. Today was easier since I figure that not much burns at 75C. Then there’s the fact that dad can’t actually use a knife so he’s there hacking away at it and trying to saw it and I’m like, “You actually have to use the blade of of the weapon”.

This is something I picked up in Aikido. Yeah, I know. My instructor is fond of the phrase, “It’s just like cutting through meat” when we’re doing sword work, immediately following which someone points out that a human being is meat and so it’s not so much like cutting through meat, it actually is cutting through meat. So in Aikido we learn to make nice long cuts, not sawing actions so that the tip of the blade lands then the next bit bites in, then the next bit and so on until you have eviscerated your opponent. Well a beef rib is no different; you drag the knife along the cut, lift it a little and the drag it along the cut again and, shockingly, this produces nice neat cuts and nice neat slices of beef. You never push the knife into the meat, or your opponent, because then it will get stuck and you’ll never get the fucking thing out.

Needless to say the beef rib was tender and as melt in the mouth as you can imagine and there was plenty left, I went back and cut myself a slab about an inch and a half thick and maybe four inches across for seconds. You can tell my cuts, they’re straight and neat. They are in fact surgical. Yagyu Munenori would be impressed.


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