Madam X

I have talked about her before and she’s always on at me to blog about her and it’s been one of  those things that I keep meaning to get around to but never do. Partly it’s because I’m never entirely sure what to write that wouldn’t be far beyond the bounds of decency, even for this blog. X, like no other woman drives me insane in a sexual sense. Even Dakota who I love to death doesn’t compete in provoking sheer lust in me. She probably won’t like me saying this but X is a slut and I’m going to be careful with the word love in this post, but I love her to bits for her sluttiness. Generally speaking I love women who sleep around, regular readers will appreciate this. I love that raw energy that these women have and X has raw energy in the kind of abundance that I’ve never really seen, plus I love sex and everything to do with it.

I said to her earlier that we both give each other the kind of perversion that we need and apparently can’t really find in anyone else. I revel in her sexuality, we get into dirty talk and I’m like “how many dicks have you sucked this month” and she’s like “Eight, no wait, nine” and it drives me wild, absolutely insane. There are times when I’m out and we’re talking and, despite there being four thousand miles between us, we’re like, “Are you going to get fucked tonight?” I love her getting fucked. It goes beyond lust into something even more deeply primal, the last time we really talked about sex or had sex chat it basically ended up at the point where it was raw animalistic mating.

I don’t know if we’re on the same wavelength about anything else, but one thing is certain and that is that sexually we click in a massive way. Things go very quickly from zero to hardcore sex in ten seconds flat. She effortlessly makes me loose control like no woman I’ve ever met before. Hopefully one day we’ll be in the same room together.


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