Shirts and cuts.

I just had my hair cut, which was theoretically long overdue. You know what though, I was looking in the mirror just before getting the chop and I was looking……academically rugged. I honestly did look like C occasionally says, some classics prof from the 1930’s or something who would be there out on the lawn with my gaggle of drooling female undergrads making the Iliad the coolest book they’d ever read. No one rocks a sky blue oxford shirt like me. I was tempted to say, “You know, leave it and I’ll come back in a couple of weeks” the hair was, and I don’t really like my hair, but my hair was awesome.

You know, most men gay an oxford shirt. I see so many guys who feel the need to button their shirts all the way up, they’ve chosen a cut and fit of shirt which is pretty much skin tight and it just doesn’t ooze confidence or give a laid back “I’ve got life handled” kinda vibe. What it says is “I’m trying really too hard, I’m really unsure of myself, this shirt is my suit of armour which protects me from the world” which is a fucking crime in my opinion. A sky blue oxford shirt is a thing for saying “Yeah, like I give a fuck”. One thing, it should always be tucked in, always, Other than that it should be worn with total fucking arrogance.

Another thing, never buy an expense or branded oxford shirt; makes you look like you give a fuck. You’re like “oooh I spent £120 on a Polo Ralph Loren shirt” and people like me are like, “You’re a douche that worries about impressing people with how much you can spend on a shirt, because you look like a pleb, you’re a fucking billboard”. Such people belong to that class of people that don’t know what to think until they see the logo.

May be a tad manic. May. Maaaaay.

You know I really don’t have time to be blogging?


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