As I see things

I can do anything. I can win at anything. Easily. It’s not feeling is it? It’s knowing. If you’re bipolar you know where I am now.

I know why this had to happen now, I know why. I’m signing up for a course tomorrow and this had to happen now. This is like “You fucking get in there and kick ass” that’s why this had to happen now. This is “You’re going to wipe the floor with this”.

The first time I saw Iron Man R was like “That’s you!” at the bit where Tony Stark turns up late and is all “We’re waiting on you now!” and it’s true. Later on S is like, “That’s basically your way of dealing with things” as in last minute desperate solutions to impossible problems created by other fucking people. Really what she means is that I tend to think laterally and creatively.

God I love this feeling. I love feeling here I can feel the room around me, I can feel everything in it. I can feel the world around me. I can even feel the universe around me. I’m hyper aware of everything. You know when you do drugs and suddenly everything snaps into, not 1080p HD but like 4K, My mind clears, I know what I’m doing, I know how to do it, I know I can do it.

I have the quiet mania. Pursed lips, jaw clenched tight, mind racing at ten billion thoughts per second, hyper aware of everything.

OKay something better to blog about. Everyone hold on.


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