So the new dojo is excellent, it’s new, modern, hyperclean, the floor isn’t sprung as promised but our mats, the dojo’s mats, not the old sports centre mats, our beloved mats, are such that I can take heavy falls on them and it’s fine. Finally we have tons of space again, the changing rooms are nice and clean and have showers,  it’s pretty good. I can’t even begin to tell you how tired I am though.

I figure that I’m in this situation where if I sleep enough then I’m fine, if I don’t sleep I go hypomanic. Sleeping enough is basically somewhere, at minimum, around twelve hours. Right now I’m at that point where I want to shower and crawl into bed but I’m so exhausted that moving is difficult. I’m in that “get out of bed, crawl to the sofa, sleep” kinda place. I want to bury my face between S’s or Dakota’s bewbs and basically just sleep. Even before I went training I felt so tired, I forced myself to get up at eight am, I did some reading, had a “normal” day and now I just want to sleep.

In bad news some guy reversed into my mate’s car and mashed up the door and then drove off. Unfortunately for him half an hour later we’d trawled through the CCTV and identified him and, he owns a scrap yard and is willing to fix the car for free.


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