Yippee ki yay!

I’m still processing what just happened.

I can actually smell her perfume on me. I feel like I’ve just come back from an unannounced, unofficial, unplanned date. J is ill and I texted India and asked her if she wanted to go for a drink and she said she would. I was a little worried that the conversation would dry up after about ten minutes but it didn’t and we chatted all night, shared some things about family and relationships and hopes and dreams. She went out for a smoke and went out with her and she said that she was glad that she came out for a drink with me and that we’re very alike and really get on and we hugged. She told me that we would have kissed at new year but that I was wasted and couldn’t “go further” none of which I remember.

She has to get the last train back and I’m just one train stop and a three minute walk from the station and, since it’s pointless being in the pub by yourself, I decided to get the train back with her. We had a nice walk to the station in the virgin snow and sat on a bench chatting away about how life is actually pretty good then we got on the train. I chose one of those six seat sections and sat in the middle one and she sat down next to me, in fact pretty much sat on me and we were chatting and our faces were rather close together, and I got that feeling that I should probably kiss her. I didn’t; she’s just out of a relationship which ended messily and she’s interested in someone else and I’m a bit weary of getting into anything at the moment. More than that I wasn’t sure that I was reading things right and the friendship isn’t worth putting a strain on if I goofed up so I didn’t risk it.

It came to my stop and she hugged me goodbye, which is normal, and kissed me on the cheek, which isn’t. I kissed her cheek and wandered off home in the cold. So now I’m wondering. She isn’t what I typically go for; she’s small, slim and blonde.


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