On Racism.

I find this whole anti-white people moralising both perplexing and frustrating. One salient feature of it is that it seems to come from people who hold culturally relativistic views but haven’t considered the implications of such views. They will happily rail against white people saying anything about any other culture, if being white is a culture, which these people seem to think it is, but then they don’t appear to appreciate that they are judging white people by the standards of this supposed white culture, completely without realising the irony of their position.

This tends to correlate heavily with the next feature that I spot with this: These people are either white or they’re from countries which are majority white and have adopted the values of this supposed white culture. Literally you can put these people in an awkward spot simply by saying, “So really what you’re saying is that it’s only bad if white people do it because you’re judging it by white values”. If they’ve read enough to realise what their own position is, and most of them haven’t, they’ll agree invariably producing nonrealisation that what they’re really saying is, “It’s only bad because I think it is”. If they haven’t read up on their own stupid opinion they’ll invoke universal values without realising that this negates the idea that white people can’t comment on other cultures and so white people are right when they criticise other cultures and on top of that they are no different from these white people because their value systems are identical; they’re both working from the same stance of universal values, in this case the notion of natural rights.

The other feature of this phenomenon is the idea that every other culture on Earth was prosperous, peaceful, egalitarian, and progressive until white people showed up. In the minds of these people if there was slavery in Africa it wasn’t because slavery has been a feature of life in Africa since forever it’s because evil white people introduced it to the noble savages that up until then lived in utopian societies in tune with nature. By the same token anything to the east of Greece is portrayed in this orientalist kind of way, with beautiful, enlightened societies of noble people who then became the victims of evil white imperialists.

This is the world view that allows and justifies this rampant racism that we see these days where it seems to be totally acceptable to lay into white people at every turn. Today on FB I saw this thing where some idiot was saying that Americans are hypocrites because at one point in their history white Americans in the southern US burned black people and so Americans today have double standards by passing judgement on IS until they take responsibility for the historical burning of black people.

This struck me quite deeply because the notion that people could have guilt for simply being white seems to be one that I come across more and more and the language in which it this is articulated portrays it as if it is some kind of original sin that we have to cleanse ourselves of. All white Americans are in some sense responsible for the crimes of some white Americans to these people. You could be a second generation Swedish American in North Dakota, but your skin means that you need to acknowledge the crimes of other white people as if you were involved in some way as these people see it.

Frequently when I point this out to these plebs they say things like, “Reverse racism isn’t a thing” and I agree, racism is racism; the idea that hatred of people for their ethnicity can be unidirectional and so can be reversed is, as I see it, absurd. If you hate people for their ethnicity you are a racist, pure and simple. A person may have all kinds of rationalisations and justifications, no doubt all very noble, but if the feeling is there, if the hatred is there, they’re a racist. All racists have “good excuses” for being racist and I see it as being quite freudian that these people have such long explanations preprepared to deal with people who challenge them; it smacks of a guilty conscience. These are excuses that they have long mentally rehearsed to assuage their own discomfort and cognitive dissonance.

Then of course there is the further irony of the situation in that essentially what these people are doing is bashing white people for not perfectly living up to the values of white people; in essence the problem with white people is that historically and presently we have not been white enough for the likes of them. With reference to America you hear these idiots say “All men are created equal, except black men” and they go off on diatribes where they elucidate their own white values which are the exact same white values expressed in The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution and their problem is that this group of white men that we call the founding fathers wrote these words which, are a statement of white values, and then didn’t live up to them; they were not white enough.

So on one hand they bash white people and white culture, but the stick itself is this supposed white culture; simultaneously these social justice warriors hate white people and white culture and the yardstick they use to berate white people is the white culture they claim to hate. To be acceptable all white people must be exemplars of this notional white culture and the fact that the other eighty-five percent of the global population are really bad at adopting white values is ignored. That double standard is ignored, the bar for brown people and black people is really quite low. If you’re a black guy in africa rubbing chili in your daughters eyes because you think that she’s a witch, that’s fine, it’s probably some white person’s fault, but any white person, especially any white male who isn’t radically white in their behaviour, isn’t archetypally white, is evil apparently. In fact if you’re not white then you’re a victim, you’re a noble savage in what would have been a utopian state of nature but for the evil white people who came along and weren’t radically white enough in their behavior.

It’s so ironic to see these social justice warriors invoking whiteness as a cure for the original sin of whiteness and to see them hold aloft the values of white people as being utterly supreme and universal but then decry white people for what they see as cultural imperialism or racism or whatever ism that they feel like fighting and at the same time talking about white people in a manner which is openly racist.

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