Star Trek V

This always………Kirk, Spock and McCoy are at Yosemite camping out, Kirk’s spent the day climbing El Capitan and McCoy muses that they work together and get on each others nerves but when shore leave comes up they spend it together and he says “Other man have families” and Kirk replies “Other men, Bones. Not us” missing the fact that they are a family.

So, me, B, R and Plato are at Ben Nevis sitting around a campfire after a day’s climbing and a good drink, passing around a bottle of Jim Beam and I remembered this scene and started laughing.People slate Star Trek V but actually I think the interaction between Kirk, Spock and McCoy is supremely well done; they are like a family and they don’t even realise it until the end.

I remember explaining the scene and Plato taking a swig from the bottle, passing it to me and saying, “We function better as a family than most families do”.


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