You know, this used to be really simple. Women would respond and it would be, to paraphrase, “Hi, I am a female, I want sex” and we would meet, have a coffee, and then go and have sex. Now it’s like “Hi, I am a female, I want you to play boyfriend for three months and then maybe we’ll have sex” or “I’m just out of a relationship and I want someone to give me the sense of intimacy and all that that I used to have”. Why are you on a site explicitly for hookups when you don’t want a hookup?

I find myself clicking reply and then just staring at the screen not really sure what to say. Often I just don’t bother, there’s nothing to say of any use. It used to be that I would take the attitude that I’d be happy to talk to someone provided it led to sex, that being the entire point of the exercise, but then I realised that the situation makes talking a bit awkward; often you don’t really want to tell the other person much about yourself, they don’t want to talk much about themselves either, she’s looking for something emotional which you can’t give and you’re looking for sex which she can’t give.

You know what strikes me about women? It’s the numbers game aspect of it; Dakota chides me for having three women on the go but realistically to get laid a man has to have several women on the go at once because most of them are just looking for attention and it’s not easy and it’s not fun, it’s work. It’s a chore, it’s a job to constantly basically look after a gaggle of women. It’s hard work looking after one, never mind a gaggle. Also I get this feeling that women these days really are looking for some kind of father figure, they’re less emotionally independent, less secure in themselves, less able to deal with their own emotions and part of the way they deal with that is through sex which ends up making them feel like shit about themselves.

Anecdotally; I seem to find myself coming across so much porn of young women being all daddy this and daddy that and it really puts me off.



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