Hostages and evolutionary basis of mania.

Sorry, I’ve been following this for however long now. If this happened to me and S forty-five minutes after they burst into the house we’d be sitting over their dead bodies eating chinese listening to this on full blast. It’d be all “I can’t get this bag open, have you seen the big kitchen knife?” “You had it last” “I’m sure I saw you with it” “Hey, this one’s still alive, get me the hammer” “It’s okay, got it” “What?”  “The knife…….It’s stuck though” “Give it a good pull……Get me the hammer!” “Here, try not to get blood on the sofa” “Is there any blood on the sofa? Do you see any blood on the sofa? No, I’ve been purposely careful to not get blo….” “Okay, okay, fine………Plates are in the oven, here, try the wine, it’s really good” “Mmm, that’s nice, where’s it from?” “Chile…..hit him again, he’s still moving…….don’t tap him……..give it here….hold that….” *smack*

Although the guy would probably be all, “You’re a pair of psychopaths” with his dying breath and S would be all, “Close….One of the common reactions to extreme stress, you know like gun toting lunatics breaking into one’s home, in bipolar people is mania. One of the symptoms of mania is total loss of inhibitions and thrill seeking behavior; I’m pretty thrilled”.

That actually be the evolutionary basis of mania. In a life or death situation requiring a risky course of action to survive someone else might be cowering in a corner shitting themselves or just not acting. They die and don’t pass on their genes. The bipolar person goes into mania, decides that they are god’s gift to their tribe and that they are invincible and that the risky behaviour isn’t risky, but massively entertaining and ends up surviving and spreading their nutty genes throughout the tribe. You think about how far bipolar genes are going to spread with a bunch of uninhibited hypersexual females and how having these people in the tribe might actually help the tribe to survive.


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