I love this misandrist view of men which assumes that we, up until now, have been habitually raping women but now we have a tea metaphor we get it.

Women; Did you know that 70% of children who are murdered are murdered by their mother. So you know when you’re tired and your child is screaming DON’T SMOTHER IT TO DEATH! Okay, I know you really want to, but just don’t do it, it’s wrong. Do you understand now that smothering your baby is wrong? Why can’t you understand that killing children is wrong? Oh it was screaming and you felt justified because of that?

That’s about how it feels. Doesn’t endear me to fembotism just kinda pisses me off an makes me really not like women. I know what you’re thinking, but you’re addressing all men with this bullshit and blaming all men, so I’ll happily label all women as being fucking retarded in retaliation. That’s what people do when they’re angry, they don’t think rationally.

Difference is that I’ll calm down; for you the bullshit circus never ends so I guess that means you’re always working yourself up.

Enjoy being angry, I’m going to grab a cup of tea and a bowl of soup and chill the fuck out.



28 thoughts on “Fembots…..

      • The ignorance you receive that rape exists? That’s not ignorance, that’s factual. Do all men rape? No. Do all women kill kids? No. So hating women because they are voicing concerns about the seriousness of rape is just ignorant.

  1. Well you’re half way there; you’re not completely stupid.

    So if not all men rape, why is it that consent things are addressed to “men”. What’s the chant? “Don’t tell me to whatever tell *MEN* not to rape”. Hmm………. Now, if something highly offensive is thrown at someone, like you know, that they’re too stupid to realise when they’re raping someone because you have dangly bits or a Y chromosome or whatever, how do you think that person is going to react? Hint, they might say “Well if you’re going to pick on a whole gender, then you know what, I will too” so the whole thing falls flat on it’s face, doesn’t it? And none of this is complicated, is it? You shove someone, they shove you back, we all know this, don’t we. So whoever came up with this whole consent bullshit is a)ignorant of human nature b)Ignorant of men. All I did was reflect that, all I did is say “Feminists, this is what you sound like”.

  2. Why is consent addressed at men? Um, maybe because it’s biologically more difficult for women to rape men? That may be why, but I could be wrong.

    You’re never going to let go of your anger if you just generalize that all women are stupid. Good luck to you.

  3. Why address all women not to kill kids? That’s common sense.

    People address the idea that men should respect all women and not only prevent sexual assault, but bring awareness to the injustice that happens with sexual assault. Rapists at colleges allowed to return to the campus, for example.

    Men are told not to rape because sexual assault is so common that it can’t be ignored. That’s why.

  4. Because they don’t know not to kill kids? And men murder, too. So your argument should be addressed to men, too. People know murder is wrong, but it still happens. Law enforcement does all they can to imprison those people.

    But rapists? They sometimes get a slap on the wrist and a “Don’t do it again.”

    • I’m trying to highlight the ridiculousness of blaming an entire gender. If you want to blame people for rape, blame rapist, not everyone who happens to the same gender. I feel that this should be in the “fucking obvious” box but obviously I’m just some kind of genius or something because after, I don’t know how many messages you still don’t get this, so you’re obviously a bit dim.

      • You think you’re a genius? Obviously not. You’re just narrow-minded and cynical.

        Not everyone blames the whole male gender. But you can’t talk about sexual assault without staying the obvious: some men rape. It’s a fact, you can’t argue it. Some women rape, too, but it’s rare. Not everyone blames all males for rape, but you’re blaming all feminists for whatever wrong you think some of them have done.

        Your attempt to show that we shouldn’t blame the whole gender wasn’t executed well. You just spouted hatred about feminists. It didn’t really help illustrate your point at all.

      • No, it’s just my critique from a writer’s perspective. As a writer, you have to be clear, and if your point didn’t come across well when you hoped it would, that means you have to make some edits to your writing.

  5. Look, this is my blog, I write what I like, how I like, if you don’t like it fuck off. Okay? I didn’t ask you to read it, I didn’t ask you to comment on it, I’m not interested in your opinion, go away.

  6. I’m not even angry. You can’t even read the bit where I’m like “I’m going to get a cup of tea and chill out” and maybe think that I got a cup of tea and chilled out. Is English like your third language or something?

    • Actually, your entire post up to that point was aggressive language, so adding in a bit at the end about drinking tea doesn’t give a “calm” tone to your piece. If you wanted to show that you’re not angry, you would write in a more relaxed tone throughout the entire piece. Writing in all caps, using terms like “fembots” and “misandry” don’t connote a calm or relaxed tone. Just saying.

      I understand that you’re angry. Adding a line about drinking tea doesn’t automatically show that you’re not angry when your entire post is aggressive.

  7. I’m assuming right now that you speak a language that has no sense of tense. If I say “I am going to drink tea and chill out” the use of “going” indicates something I will do in the future, not something that is happening in the present. So why you think that I am saying in that particular post that I was at that point chilled out I don’t know, other than you’re really badly educated or English is not your first language.

    No one who speaks English proficiently could take, “I am going to drink tea and chill out” as a statement of something that was happening contemporaneously with the post. It’s quite clear that it was something that was going to happen in the future i.e after the post. Therefore if you were talking to me after the post, during or after the tea drinking, it would be obvious to the proficient speaker of English that “chilling out” would or had happened by that point.

    It wasn’t obvious to you though. You came barreling in saying I was angry after I’d made it obvious that in a time period beyond posting the blog I would no longer be angry.

    So which is it? You were home schooled or you don’t really understand English?

    • I came “barreling in” because your post was sexist and I thought I’d see what made you so aggressive towards the female gender. It’s clear that you’re simply arrogant and aggressive in nature.

      Good luck. Obviously drinking tea doesn’t do anything for you because you’re still angry and rude.

  8. I don’t really talk about “the female gender” I talk about feminists. I don’t like feminists, that’s different from not liking women. I am arrogant and aggressive though and rude, but I’m not angry, I’m literally giggling as I write this.


  9. So what is this? At some point you want me to ask you out on a date? You finally found a guy that doesn’t automatically agree with you and kiss your arse and you’re so fascinated that now you can’t leave me alone?

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