White Privilege.

The more I read about this the more it seems to me that what’s being said is that: non-white people aren’t really westerners, that westerners are adept at navigating western culture and that black people are incapable of learning Standard English, the latter of which I find curious, deeply distasteful, and at least borderline racist. Also I notice a preponderance of sloppy thinking in that there seems to be a tendency to dump a whole load of figures onto the reader but with zero analysis.

For instance on Wikipedia it notes that white people pay, on average. 8.12% interest on their mortgage whereas black people pay on average 8.44% which actually doesn’t tell us anything other than black people pay more; there’s no explanation given as to why, never mind any evidence to support that explanation. Of course the reader is mean to assume racism and discrimination, but no attempt is made to prove the thesis, this is simply to be assumed a priori apparently and we all know about assumption. Ass out of you and me. Mother of all fuck ups. That kind of thing.

If I say that 8.12% of objects in the asteroid belt are type A and 8.44% are type B, what have I told you? What other conclusions can you draw from this data? None. More analysis, more research, more data is needed to ascertain what, if any, importance this has. It may be that all other factors included this is utterly uninteresting, or deeply significant, but without further research the nature, or even the existence, of the relationship between them cannot be established. The moment that race is brought into things though all critical thought is thrown out. I generally take that to mean a lack of seriousness about the issue. If you give a rats ass then you’re thorough and you don’t make assumptions; you nail it.

Also I find this kind of thinking is prevalent:

According to Janet E. Helms traditional psychological and academic assessment is based on skills that are considered important within white, western, middle-class culture, but which may not be salient or valued within African-American culture. When tests’ stimuli are more culturally pertinent to the experiences of African Americans, performance improves.

You know, I bet people trained in Chinese medicine fail on Western medical exams because Western medical exams are based on skills which are considered important within white, western, middle-class culture, but which may not be salient within Chinese culture. I bet also that their test scores would improve if more stuff that is culturally pertinent to traditional Chinese medicine was included. Finally, I bet that this wouldn’t in any way close the effectiveness gap between Chinese and Western medicine.

There seems to be this mentality that says that all that matters is passing a test, not on how relevant passing that test is to life. I get the sense that these people don’t really comprehend the scale of western culture. There seems to be a sense that it is possible to go up against the best of the west with any methodology except a western one, in lieu of a superior one being found, and achieve the same kind of results. A person’s English might not be as good as the people around them, their skills may be different but somehow in a competitive environment it’s still expected that this person will perform equally well and if they don’t, if the patients die at seven times the rate of western medicine then it’s not that the culture, the methodology, the skills,aren’t as effective as the western equivalents, it’s that white people have privilege.


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