I’m reading and rereading the texts from the spat with Dakota last night and they’re interesting. First she tells me that she never wants to hear from me again because India was there and that she doesn’t see any point in being more than friends. So I go into this long stream of telling her I love her and that she’s special to me. Then Dakota says “Are you seriously telling me that you couldn’t feel the same way about India?” and I reply with, “YES! FFS!” and after that she replies with words to the effect that the argument isn’t serious and nothing has changed and that I should relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.

I find myself reading and rereading the thread over and over again and I find that I cannot get my head around it. Is it really that another woman was there, who she knows I was vaguely sexually interested in, and she’s got jealous, flipped her lid and needed me to reassure her? Is that what just happened?

How am I supposed to take that? Either she’s a needy brat or a self centred brat or she actually feels the same about me on some level and felt threatened.

I feel confused, help would be appreciated.


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