Dakota part infinity plus one.

I’m swinging between being grumpy as anything and buzzing like a maniac. I’m still processing the whole Dakota thing, I’m still quite shocked that she could get jealous of another woman, although this isn’t the first time she’s been like this. I don’t really know how to respond or if I should respond. I sent her a text last night basically telling her that I felt how I do about her and no one else and that if she was really that bothered about it all she had to do was tell me not to see other women. Hopefully that underlines that I’m serious about her and also it means that if she throws another hissy fit she can’t come back at me with anything. If she’s not going to claim me, she can’t get all pissy if I decide to fuck someone else.

Of course she won’t. I think I’m actually struggling with the interpretation of events that basically goes “India turns up, Dakota gets jealous and storms off” but that’s basically what I think happened and I’m struggling with the idea that this isn’t unrequited love she’s feeling something too but she doesn’t see the point in starting a relationship. It’s not like she’s the kind of person to simply say no if she doesn’t feel the same way, so the fact that she isn’t saying, “Well actually I don’t feel the same way” but “I don’t see the point in starting a relationship” has me wondering. Then when she flies off the handle and asks me if she’s supposed to think that I couldn’t feel the same way about India……..I’m like “Wait, what? You’re ratty because you think I feel the same way about someone else as I do about you? It bothers you?”

Am I supposed to believe that she gets jealous of another woman, but actually just thinks of me as a friend? I admit the possibility, she could simply be fucking cray cray.



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