Evil white men!

How curious is this? My response is this. My challenge to anyone who thinks like this is to give up any technology or philosophy invented in the west since about 1445.

I really do worry about this kind of article and the sentiment that it communicates because I feel that it really is starting to become normal and mainstream and it is, intentional or not, causing racial hatred. I remember growing up that black people seemed odd because they seemed so conscious of being black but now I see white men becoming very conscious of being white men. There is actually a new identity being hammered into being that never really existed before.

Some white men beat themselves up because of it, but a lot more white men do what everyone does when they’re attacked, they dig their heels in. The greatest help to neo-nazis and white supremacists, especially in a country and at a time when immigration is such a hot topic,  is social justice warriors hammering white males at every opportunity for their own failure to adapt to western society. The social justice warriors, in their racist diatribes are making racism acceptable.

Therefore I regard them as being as dangerous, if not more dangerous than neo-nazis and white supremacists because they can get their ideas published and distributed to a mass audience in a way that neo-nazis and white supremacists could only dream of and with far bigger impact. If you tell people that they should be racist they resist it, if you tell someone that other racial groups are out to remove them from their own cultural institutions, and universities to the west are what mosques are to the Arabs, centres of cultural propagation, then people will fight back.

I’m not sure I want to be around to see that.



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